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Silencing Your Self-Doubt

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt” – William Shakespeare

Self-doubt is fed by your inner voice and, of course, is self-inflicted.

This podcast is very personal, which is probably why it took me a while to write it.

If there’s one struggle that I have had in life, it is probably self-doubt. The continual questioning that ends up paralyzing me, which results in me doing nothing and not going forward.

  • The first step is to tackle the inner voice that is feeding and fueling your self-doubt. You’re the key to controlling that. Here are a few things that I came up with that have worked for me.
  • Stay strong and be resilient even in the tough days, in your rough times. Handle criticism and the negative people who lash out at you in a more understanding and level-headed way.
  • Stop dragging yourself down by always comparing yourself to other people and their lives. Oh, yes, the comparison game.
  • Become more assertive by simply saying no. We don’t do that well, do we, ladies? Say no to things that are going to add to your self-doubt, or take away confidence, or take from you moving forward.
  • Replace perfectionism with healthier and happier habits.
  • Talk back to your own inner critic. Have a two-way conversation now in your head. Talking back is okay, because sometimes you got to shut it down.
  • Find your most important dream and set your goals.

Work hard. Play hard. And your success should be celebrated. You deserve it, because you earned it. It’s okay.

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