2021. It’s A Wrap.

This is my last podcast of 2021.   It is hard to believe that another year is behind us, 2022 is really upon us.  So today I want to celebrate this last year.    How do you celebrate in today’s world?   Today’s world is consuming and overwhelming and really more negative than positive.   So, how do you celebrate?  First, you make the choice to celebrate and second it take times and daily effort.  What you will find in celebrating, you will see that “today’s world” is not all negative.   Be consumed in the positive.   Take time to think and ponder on it.   It takes effort.  Be overwhelmed or grateful for the good. Celebrating this past year, end it with a bang.   Enjoy the Christmas season.  Don’t fill it up with “stuff” but enjoy, sometimes it is just the simple stuff.   Just don’t miss out.   Live it up, eat, drink and be merry as well as reflect, renew, and restore your soul.  Ring out New Years by being with the people you love, throw a party.   Sit back and look over the past year and be grateful for the good, the bad and the ugly. A recap of 2021. Business was good, relationships are strong, family is going well, health is awesome.  We have learned to navigate through the continual pandemic.  Covid is not over but we are fighting it and seeing better numbers. Schools are back in session.  Businesses continue at home or in the office.  Recreation and fun was done at capacity over the summer.  Government is still working – LOL  We survived an election and saw people really engaged – my own district had so many people running and town hall meetings were full.  Love seeing the debate and passion.   A challenge for you. Celebrate 2021 by choosing to be consumed and overwhelmed in the good and end it with New Year’s on your terms. Bring back what you are missing and make sure it is part of 2022. Thanks for listening and being part of my podcast and my life.

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