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Powerful Partnerships And Networks For Women Leaders

The underlying issue of this topic is that partnering means that you are not alone while trying to build your career, your business. My greatest times, professionally and personally, have been when I started these powerful partnerships and networks for women. It continues to play a major role in my life as a leader. I wish I knew this when I was 20 something, even in my 30s. But I didn’t really get it until I was in my late 40s. No matter what age you are, or at any point you are in your professional career, it’s really key to have powerful partnerships and networks. And by the way, it’s not just a professional thing. This continues to be so huge for me personally. 

Be open to making sure you’re establishing these types of relationships.

Less is better with relationships, because they’ve got to be correct for you. They need to be strategic, lining up with your why. I’m not talking about connecting with big names people. I’m talking about people who have similar goals and ethics as you. And they get out there, and they influence. Never underestimate the power of those partnerships. It takes work and commitment. You’ll need to be consistent and persistent to build these relationships. But the dividends are huge in your personal and professional development and impact.

With me on the episode is Mary McCarthy, Co-founder and President of the Women’s Small Business Accelerator. The Women’s Small Business Accelerator (WSBA) is a non-profit accelerator founded by successful women business owners for women business owners. They provide education, peer support, mentoring, and accountability to help women on their entrepreneurial journey – to start and grow their own businesses.

I am also joined by Michelle Casper, President of NAWBO Columbus. Established in 1996, NAWBO Columbus has a longstanding history in the greater Columbus area. They are currently the largest chapter in the nation and pride ourselves in elevating women business owners through connections, advocacy, and mentorship.

And last, but not least, I am honored to have Rachel Winder from the Ohio Women’s Coalition on this episode. The Ohio Women’s Coalition is a diverse, non-partisan alliance of women in business, women leaders, women business owners, and men that support the mission across Ohio who are coming together to improve the economic position for all women in our state. The OWC was created to amplify the voice of women in Ohio and to help draw attention to the unique challenges that women encounter, especially underserved women of color and women who live in underserved areas of the state, to gain access to economic opportunities in order to achieve financial stability and prosperity.

These three women are willing to give, with a blind eye to how it helps them.

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