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Keeping Emotion Out Of Difficult Conversations

When I think of emotions, I think of passion and drivers. It’s that ‘why’ of something. So, in this episode, I want to talk about when we keep emotions out of something, especially a difficult conversation. Why do we want to do that? With me is Jen Grant. She is the CEO at Appify. She has spent the last 15 years building companies from the ground-up and taking multiple companies to over a billion dollar valuation. Recently, Jen was recognized as one of the Top 100 Princeton Technology leaders in 2021 as well as a Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley from the SVBJ.

When someone says something, you disagree with, ask them to “tell me more” and look for the gold — the thing they say that you CAN agree with. More often than not, you realize that you do actually agree with some of what they are saying and finding that point of connection is all you need to collaborate and move forward together.

Why is this more of a topic for women?  Jen goes deep into that. Bottom line. In a difficult situation, keep asking questions to get to the crux of the matter at hand.  Keep being curious, and this will help you stop judging. Jen highly recommends this for you to read – Leaders Eat Last By Simon Sinek. This is THE podcast that advances women toward economic, social and political achievement. Hosted by Betty Collins, CPA, and Director at Brady Ware and Company. Betty also serves as the Committee Chair for Empowering Women, and Director of the Brady Ware Women Initiative. Each episode is presented by Brady Ware and Company, committed to empowering women to go their distance in the workplace and at home.

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