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The Art Of Improv And Business

“Improv, in one sense, is being present in this moment with curiosity instead of judgment and being empowered to know that I have the ability to build something different if I don’t like how it is right now.”

My guest, Andrea Flack-Wetherald, loves improv. She discovered it during a particularly acute season of personal and professional transition.

She also loves mindfulness practice. Combining the fun of improv with the quiet power of mindfulness is the work she does with her clients. Her company, &Beyond, helps elevate company teams to a new level of effective production.

Mindful improv, it sounds scary to a lot of people. In this episode, you’re going to learn the difference between habits and circumstances. And you’re really going to learn that this not just changing you, but changing culture. And about the stories that we develop in our minds about people, or the company we work for, or the culture we live in.

And by the way, you’ve been improvising all your life. So this isn’t something new to learn, it’s just recognizing it’s a part of you.

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