Marching Band, Entrepreneurship and Politics: The Inspiring Journey of Kathy Eshelman

Kathy Eshelman, a natural problem solver, collaborator, decision maker, enthusiastic team player, and an exceptional communicator with an entrepreneurial spirit, is my guest on this episode. During the podcast, Eshelman shares her experience in founding Grade A Notes, a note-taking service for students, at the age of 25, with $30,000 in investments from friends and family.

The business eventually expanded to six different locations across the country and sold custom course packs to over 100 universities. Eshelman’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to be appointed by the White House to the WSBA’s National Women’s Business Council and to serve as the PTO president of Junior Achievement. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Texas in Austin and was the president of the Longhorn marching band for two years.

Eshelman represented the Women Presidents organization on the National Women’s Business Council, which aimed to provide information and support to women business owners. She ran for state representative in Ohio, receiving support from her Women Presidents organization and political friends, but ultimately lost by a few votes due to political maneuvering. However, Kathy encourages women to run for office and get involved in politics, as it can have a significant impact locally and nationally.

Kathy reveals her struggles with finding the courage to pursue her business dreams. She plans to relaunch her jewelry business and make it a real ongoing business.

Hosted by Betty Collins, CPA, and Director at Brady Ware and Company. Betty also serves as the Committee Chair for Empowering Women, and Director of the Brady Ware Women Initiative. Each episode is presented by Brady Ware and Company, committed to empowering women to go their distance in the workplace and at home.

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