It’s 2021. So What?

It’s a new year and it’s a new day.

But it’s the same stuff right now. It’s just a new year.

In the past, a new year generally meant new beginnings.

You reset.

It was this big sigh of relief.

But I think right now, it’s different.

In my reading over the holidays, I came across something. I decided to have my first life statement.

And I even went so far as to get a customized wall hanging of this statement. It’s in a big frame in my home office, where I spend about half of my time now. It’s a focal point when you walk in.

Being strong speaks of strength, but being courageous speaks to having a will to do more.

Last year was hard and exhausting. It seemed like everything was exhausting. But being strong portrays that you are confident. And you’re resilient. It’s an instinct that just kicks during all of those circumstances.

So I look at being strong. It speaks of strength. But being courageous speaks to having a will to do more and overcome.

The reality of 2021 is, nothing is different. That’s why this episode is titled as it is.

It’s just a different day.

This episode explores more about my 2021 life statement.

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