Finding And Owning Your Voice

Finding and owning your voice.

Strengthening your inner confidence.

It’s your identity expressing itself. It’s your personality, and it’s your individual message to the world.

I believe that there is power in that feminine voice, and it’s missing in too many conversations. From the business environment – your office, the marketplace, the boardroom, to politics, and in our homes. If we are there, it’s so crucial that the voice is heard.

In this episode, I hope to help you to move forward in owning your voice, and claiming that power.

Of course, if it’s only for the greater good.

You first have to recognize you probably have something valuable to say. You have to be strategic, though, about what you say and when you say it. Don’t speak for the sake of speaking. Be sure that you speak thoughtfully, in an engaging manner, when you want to be heard.

Words really matter.

People’s perception and how they’ve heard you is your of choice of words. Speaking isn’t just saying what you want. Speaking isn’t just having your voice. Words matter to make things happen.

You must be willing to speak up when something goes against what has a deep value for you. Silence in those moments really talks about your character. And be prepared for possible backlash when you do. Criticism comes with being a leader, regardless of your gender. The labels, and the name-calling have very little to do with you, personally. It’s really about how uncomfortable you’re making some people. Don’t take it personally, and just move on.

When you’re finding your voice, it’s one step at a time. Slow and steady.

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