First Generation Entrepreneurs with Randy Gerber from Gerber Clarity

This episode is going to be about a topic that I love.

The importance of the marketplace in our country and small businesses. Small business is so important. It’s so important to our economy that it needs to work and work well. Owning and running a successful small business is knowing what you do, finding your purpose, living out your “why.”

I can’t think of a better person to talk to than Randy Gerber, and his company, Gerber Clarity, catch his optimism about the marketplace and what he sees about this coming year.

Randy and his team work primarily with first-generation entrepreneurs. Part of the reason why is first-generation entrepreneurs are optimistic, cup half full, people to begin with. They help them understand how to grow their business with purpose. We talk a bit about his book, The Integrated Entrepreneur: Achieving Happiness in Relationships, Business & Life.

The book came about from his realization of how difficult it is to be “the new guy” in any given market. He recognized that if he was going to really work with these first-generation entrepreneurs, he had to help them with things other than traditional financial planning because they have unique needs and unique perspectives. This realization and experience helped him write the book.

I ask Randy what’s the biggest misconception that business owners have about growing their business?

In my experience, it’s they think they need to grow too quickly, and particularly if the question is rephrased, is what are the biggest misconceptions for small businesses or emerging businesses? I am just convinced that businesses grow too quickly.

How should business owners grow with purpose?

If you could sit down and really understand how you want to live your life. What do you want to do? How do you want to do it? What do you want to do? Who do you want to do it with? Want-based questions versus need-based questions. That will give you a clear map.

What are the top three things that women should be considering or putting in place with their business today? Realignment (not resignation), double-down, and become outcome-oriented. Randy talks about what he has learned about being a leader during times of uncertainty with his business, and what he wants business leaders to know?

I think that you really have to be super as a leader, be super cognizant of your culture during times of duress. And one of the things that I’ve preached to our clients all the time, whether you are male, female, doesn’t matter, if you’re a first generation entrepreneur, you’re a unique breed, to begin with. You’re willing to accept variability risk volatility.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is the world’s only peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs. EO helps transform the lives of those who transform the world. Randy talks about his work and time with EO.

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