Entitled To Do Nothing, Empowered To Do Anything

You’re entitled to nothing but you’re empowered to do anything.  In order to talk about that, we have to define what entitlement is and what empowerment is. They are two very, very different things.

When I was looking at what entitlement and empowerment each mean, and what the characteristics of each are, what I found very interesting was empowered people have a lot more characteristics.

And of course, it was all positive.

Who do you know from either group? And who do you want part of your organization or your business? Which business partner do you want? And what mindset do you look for your kids to have? Entitled or empowered? What kind of employees do you want, entitled or empowered?

The answer is really easy. We all want empowerment around us. We want to empower. But getting it done is hard. And by the way it’s never ending. It’s a constant.

When empowerment and entitlement are your state of mind of your family, your office or your business, anything is possible.

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