Are You Hanging With The Right People? – Preview

Who are you hanging with these days…in your personal life…in your professional life?

Are you OK with it?

Do you like it when you think about the people that surrounded you? Are you content?

In the next Inspiring Women with Betty Collins episode, I explore why it is so crucial to hang with the right people, for your professional life, and your personal life.  And I speak with Derek Grosso, CEO and Founder of the Columbus Young Professionals Club about finding the right people to hang with. 

This is THE podcast that advances women toward economic, social and political achievement. Hosted by Betty Collins, CPA, and Director at Brady Ware and Company. Betty also serves as the Committee Chair for Empowering Women, and Director of the Brady Ware Women Initiative. Each episode is presented by Brady Ware and Company, committed to empowering women to go their distance in the workplace and at home.

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